Wednesday, October 31

Because I Knew You?

Why Because I knew you?

I decided to name my blog "Because I Knew You" because of a song. It is part of the lyrics to For Good from Wicked.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to travel to England for 10 days. While we were there we went to see Wicked. I knew nothing about the show before I went, only that everyone I knew that had seen it gave it good reviews. I was blown away! It was so amazing. At the end I jumped to my feet for a standing ovation with tears streaming down my face. I was so touched by the story and the message it delivered. I love all the music on the soundtrack and couldn't really pick a favorite, but the one that probably has touched me the most is For Good.

I truly believe that everyone is brought into our lives for us to learn something- it is our responsibility to figure out what it is we are supposed to learn from the relationship, even if it isn't' a good relationship. This song just really fit that philosophy to me. I love it!

So when I was pondering actually starting a blog I struggled with what to call it. I didn't want to use my name, I have a very plain, boring, common name that just didn't seem to fit. I was driving home from work and singing aloud (I do this all the time!) and it just came to me that it was perfect for a title. I am thankful for everyone that comes into my life "because I knew them."

The lyrics can be found here.

Here is a version of the song for your enjoyment-

Monday, October 29

100 things about me (conclusion)

Oh my goodness! I didn't think I could do it. These were written in snippets throughout the day so there isn't really a train of thought to them. Hopefully I didn't repeat any.

26. I wanted to be Anne Shirley when I was growing up. I even went as far as to put red highlights in my hair but never went all the way red.
27. I can't count how many times I've read the Anne of Green Gables Series.
28. I also wanted to be Nancy Drew, but it wasn't quite the same obsession. I just envied her problem solving skills.
29. I've actually got pretty good problem solving skills of my own. (My last boss called me her "super-sleuth" all the time.)
30. I chew ice.
31. I'm a bit obsessive. I have to know everything about whatever is currently holding my interest. I spend hours researching, watching interviews, reading message boards until I feel like I've satiated that curiosity.
32. My current obsession is Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight series. Her website is full of background info, deleted/edited chapters, pictures of the Cullen's cars, etc. It is very helpful!
33. I have one of those really hard to describe jobs- I work as a PACS Applications System Specialist. (10 points if you can figure out what that means!)
34. It means that I work in the Radiology department of a local hospital and I fix the billing. I don't do the billing- there's a separate department for that. I make sure that what is billed is really what was done. I also do detective work on any problems the billing office finds- this is where #29 comes in handy. I also do a handful of random things that need to be done in the department. Is that as clear as mud now? Good!
35. I love my job!
36. I didn't ever intend to work in the healthcare industry- it just kind of happened.
37. I wanted to be an elementary school teacher when I was growing up. (Ha! that makes me laugh now)
38. Once I got to college I decided that was not the major for me and then started on the path of revolving majors. For quite some time I had no clue what I wanted to do. I've "majored" in Elementary Education, English, Social Work, Communications and Nursing. Due to the expense of seemingly endless general education requirements for each major I quit going to school until I could figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.
39. I have attended Southern Utah University, El Paso Community College and Weber State University.
40. I have finally decided on a degree in Healthcare administration and will be going back to school in January. (Eek! It's been a long time and I'm scared!)
41. On my path to deciding on a career in healthcare I have worked as a CNA, X-ray tech, phlebotomist, front desk manager, and scheduler.
42. I love ladybugs.
43. I have decorated my room with ladybugs. (I can get away with this because I am single and there is no man around to tell me that it isn't manly.)
44. I love cats.
45. I do not decorate with cat stuff, I don't like it, it's creepy.
46. I have a cat named Socks, who isn't technically mine, but hangs out with me anyway. He actually belongs to the girls that live upstairs (I live in a basement apartment) but he doesn't like the girls- my apartment is his refuge.
47. The basement apartment I rent happens to be owned by my cousin, they live upstairs, so the girls upstairs are my nieces, kind of.
48. I have an unusual living arrangement for a basement apartment- I pretty much have free reign of the whole house even though I only rent the apartment part. I even park in the garage. I'm so spoiled!
49. I love to cook.
50. The Food Network is one of my favorite channels.
51. I hate to cook for myself, so having the family upstairs works out very well.
52. I don't like raw tomatoes- they are slimy. (I have texture issues)
53. I will eat them if they have been cooked- salsa, tomato soup, any kind of tomato based sauce.
54. I prefer most of my other vegetables raw, or at least with a crunch still in them.
55. I used to hold my breath until I passed out when I was mad. The pediatrician told my mom to ignore me and I would stop doing it- I did. What a brat I was!
56. I hate to tweeze my eyebrows. I just don't have the patience for it. I get through one, get distracted and then have uneven eyebrows. I prefer to have them waxed.
57. I have brown hair that I hate. It's so boring. The worst part is that I'm not daring enough to change the color very drastically. A few simple highlights is about as crazy as I get.
58. I hate to wear patterned clothes. The majority of my clothes are one solid color. If there are stripes they must be running vertically- NOT horizontally.
59. I never wear or decorate with pink.
60. I don't have issues with pink on other people- it's just not for me.
61. I also don't like hearts or flowers on my clothes or in my house.
62. I graduated from Heidelberg American High School.
63. I used to speak fairly fluent German but I have lost most of it.
64. I love German food- I make a mean Weiner schnitzel and SpƤtzle.
65. One of my biggest pet peeves is discrimination of any kind- race, religion, sexual preference, class. It makes me crazy!!!
66. I am not even remotely athletically inclined. The only sports I can participate in are walking or swimming. Anything that requires eye-hand coordination is out!
67. I don’t really like to watch sports either unless the Olympics are on, then I’m glued to the TV for 2 weeks.
68. I’ve never broken a bone.
69. I have sprained my ankle multiple times.
70. I am very patriotic- I believe this comes from my Army upbringing. The Star Spangled Banner can bring me to tears very quickly.
71. Men who can sing are my undoing! There is nothing sexier than a man who can sing.
72. If he can play a musical instrument it’s even better.
73. I took piano lessons for 2 years- I don’t think I can even play Mary had a little Lamb anymore.
74. I associate most of my memories of my childhood not with how old I was or what grade I was in, but with where we were stationed.
75. My favorite kind of sandwich is ham and swiss on wheat bread.
76. I’m a Miracle Whip kind of girl.
77. I have 3 nephews that live in Denver with my brother and his wife. I only get to see them a couple times a year.
78. My cousins that live close by allow me to play aunt to their kids- there are 13 of them. It fills a hole in my life.
79. Sometimes the hole can’t be filled by anything, even the sweetest smile from one of those kids; it’s just not the same as having your own.
80. 98% of the time I’m ok with being single and childless.
81. I hate bugs, especially spiders.
82. Living in a basement apartment means living with spiders.
83. I keep a flip-flop handy at all times to kill the spiders.
84. I have a little bit of potty mouth. I have about 3 favorite words that aren’t too bad but are still considered swear words. There are several words that I don’t even think- ever!
85. I have very eclectic musical taste- I like just about everything except country and really hard rap.
86. Music is very important to me. I rarely go anywhere without my cd’s or ipod.
87. I wish that I was more musically inclined, but have decided that my gift is not to produce the music but to appreciate it.
88. My favorite colors are purple and green.
89. My favorite drink is Diet Coke with vanilla syrup in it.
90. I just recently gave up all carbonated drinks so I will no longer be having my favorite drink- RIP.
91. I truly believe that chocolate should be one of the food groups. European chocolate to be exact. It’s so much better than our stuff!
92. My Mom is my best friend. She lives 4 hours south of me, which is the closest she’s lived in about 10 years. It’s great to have her in the same time zone.
93. I have finally come to the conclusion that what other people think just doesn’t matter. It took me a lot of time to get here but it is worth the journey.
94. I would love to go back to high school with that knowledge.
95. I would NOT go back to high school without it.
96. My favorite scent is a baby freshly bathed and then slathered with baby lotion. My second would be vanilla.
97. I am not crafty.
98. I love photography.
99. I’ve had more roommates than I can remember- some good, some bad but only one that I really, really hated.
100. I am only 5 foot 2 inches.

Sunday, October 28

100 things about me (part 1)

I know that I won't be able to come up 100 things all at once so I'm just going to do this a little at a time.

  1. I am the only girl in my family.
  2. I am the youngest.
  3. I only have one older brother.
  4. We are only 20 months apart- my poor mom!
  5. I never lived any place longer than 3 years, until I moved to Utah 9 years ago.
  6. Even since I moved here the longest I've stayed in one apartment is 2 1/2 years.
  7. I blame my nomadic tendencies on the US Army.
  8. I'm very proud to be an Army Brat.
  9. I was born in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
  10. I have lived in Texas 3 different times- twice in San Antonio and once in El Paso.
  11. I lived in Colorado twice- Colorado Springs and Denver
  12. I also have lived in Virginia, Hawaii and Germany.
  13. I love Europe.
  14. I would move there if I could find a job there.
  15. I don't really like living in Utah.
  16. I stay because my family is here, that is the only reason.
  17. I love to read.
  18. I love to read too much- I stay up way to late reading and then I hate myself the next morning.
  19. I am NOT a morning person.
  20. I have no problem going to a movie by myself.
  21. I hate math.
  22. I couldn't live without Google.
  23. I couldn't live without high-speed internet.
  24. I love to play trivia games.
  25. I retain random facts very well. (This comes in very handy in trivia games)

Saturday, October 27

The Make-out Meme

I found this meme the other night while blog surfing- It was so fun I decided to play along even though I don't fit the original criteria which is that you have to pick characters you would make out with if you were single. Well, I am single but I'm going to play anyway. The one disclaimer that I have is that not all of my picks are from literature, they are all fictional, but some of them only exist in movies.

1. Gilbert Blythe- I grew up completely and totally in love with Gilbert Blythe. From the moment he called Anne "Carrots" I was a goner. The fact that he is played so beautifully in the movie by Jonathan Crombie doesn't hurt any. *sigh*

2. Mr. Darcy- dark, brooding, prideful, prejudiced and 100% head over heels in love with one of the most wonderful heroines in literary history, Lizzie Bennett. I'm not sure which of the Mr. Darcy's I would like to make out with- Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen. They are both so wonderful, I just can't decide.

3. Edward Cullen- if you've read the Twilight series you will understand the Edward vs. Jacob debate. Here's my opinion- Jacob doesn't have a chance. He's just the best friend character and as someone that often plays the best friend character and not the leading one my advice would be to just give up now. There is NO competition. Edward is perfection- of course there is that whole blood-drinking, cold, vicious monster thing but I'm willing to overlook those small flaws just as Bella is. Edward is sweet, funny, amazingly sexy, loving, tender, compassionate, sexy, gifted, strong, vulnerable, a gentleman, sexy and loyal.

4. Colonel Brandon- Christopher Brandon isn't even really the hero of this book but I adore him. He is so patient, kind, devoted, loving and when played by
Alan Rickman he is very snoggable.

5. Ronald Weasley- Ok, you can stop laughing now! This is the one instance where the best friend is my favorite character. I love, love, love Ron Weasley. He has been my favorite character since I read the Sorcerer's Stone. I can't explain it, I'm not sure I even understand it but I adore him. I have a huge weakness for redheads, so I think that might have something to do with it.

6. Joshua Steed- who doesn't love the rebel?

7. Cian - I admit it, I read romance novels. They are an escape for me. They aren't classics but they do amuse me. I don't usually even remember who the hero of the book is after I've moved on the next book I'm reading. Occasionally though I do find a character that stays with me. That is what happened when I read
Nora Robert's Valley of Silence. I don't usually read books with vampires in them(except of course Twilight), but I started this series out of sheer boredom and nothing else to read. Someone had given me a copy of the first book that sat on my shelves for quite a while until I picked it up one night. Cian is a vampire but as in Twilight he does not feed on humans. I think that must be the ticket to me liking a vampire- they can't want to drink any humans blood. Cian is so bitter and cynical at the beginning of these books and the change that he makes is so endearing. Of course the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt either.

8. Will Turner- oh my! I know that he isn't a literary character but he still makes the list. He's sweet, sensitive, handsome, loyal, and so many other things. Of course the fact that Mr. Orlando Bloom plays the role is very, very helpful. *sigh*

9. Fiyero- from
Wicked, which is based on a book so I think this one should count as well. Fiyero is just Fiyero and that's all I can really say about him. He's kind of like Joshua Steed- not much explanation is neccessary.

10. Last but certainly not least would be Roux from
Chocolat played by Johnny Depp. When they dance down by the river- talk about chemistry! WOW! Men that are musical are almost irresistable to me, so when he plays the guitar- I'm a goner!

Whew! That was harder that I thought it would be! I'm sure that I will think of others and want to edit my list at a later time. We'll see.

Here goes nothing!

Well, I finally decided to try this blogging thing out for myself. I spend so much time reading other peoples blogs I figured I'd give it a try. Hopefully I'll figure out what the heck I'm doing soon.