Wednesday, October 31

Because I Knew You?

Why Because I knew you?

I decided to name my blog "Because I Knew You" because of a song. It is part of the lyrics to For Good from Wicked.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to travel to England for 10 days. While we were there we went to see Wicked. I knew nothing about the show before I went, only that everyone I knew that had seen it gave it good reviews. I was blown away! It was so amazing. At the end I jumped to my feet for a standing ovation with tears streaming down my face. I was so touched by the story and the message it delivered. I love all the music on the soundtrack and couldn't really pick a favorite, but the one that probably has touched me the most is For Good.

I truly believe that everyone is brought into our lives for us to learn something- it is our responsibility to figure out what it is we are supposed to learn from the relationship, even if it isn't' a good relationship. This song just really fit that philosophy to me. I love it!

So when I was pondering actually starting a blog I struggled with what to call it. I didn't want to use my name, I have a very plain, boring, common name that just didn't seem to fit. I was driving home from work and singing aloud (I do this all the time!) and it just came to me that it was perfect for a title. I am thankful for everyone that comes into my life "because I knew them."

The lyrics can be found here.

Here is a version of the song for your enjoyment-

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