Saturday, October 27

The Make-out Meme

I found this meme the other night while blog surfing- It was so fun I decided to play along even though I don't fit the original criteria which is that you have to pick characters you would make out with if you were single. Well, I am single but I'm going to play anyway. The one disclaimer that I have is that not all of my picks are from literature, they are all fictional, but some of them only exist in movies.

1. Gilbert Blythe- I grew up completely and totally in love with Gilbert Blythe. From the moment he called Anne "Carrots" I was a goner. The fact that he is played so beautifully in the movie by Jonathan Crombie doesn't hurt any. *sigh*

2. Mr. Darcy- dark, brooding, prideful, prejudiced and 100% head over heels in love with one of the most wonderful heroines in literary history, Lizzie Bennett. I'm not sure which of the Mr. Darcy's I would like to make out with- Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen. They are both so wonderful, I just can't decide.

3. Edward Cullen- if you've read the Twilight series you will understand the Edward vs. Jacob debate. Here's my opinion- Jacob doesn't have a chance. He's just the best friend character and as someone that often plays the best friend character and not the leading one my advice would be to just give up now. There is NO competition. Edward is perfection- of course there is that whole blood-drinking, cold, vicious monster thing but I'm willing to overlook those small flaws just as Bella is. Edward is sweet, funny, amazingly sexy, loving, tender, compassionate, sexy, gifted, strong, vulnerable, a gentleman, sexy and loyal.

4. Colonel Brandon- Christopher Brandon isn't even really the hero of this book but I adore him. He is so patient, kind, devoted, loving and when played by
Alan Rickman he is very snoggable.

5. Ronald Weasley- Ok, you can stop laughing now! This is the one instance where the best friend is my favorite character. I love, love, love Ron Weasley. He has been my favorite character since I read the Sorcerer's Stone. I can't explain it, I'm not sure I even understand it but I adore him. I have a huge weakness for redheads, so I think that might have something to do with it.

6. Joshua Steed- who doesn't love the rebel?

7. Cian - I admit it, I read romance novels. They are an escape for me. They aren't classics but they do amuse me. I don't usually even remember who the hero of the book is after I've moved on the next book I'm reading. Occasionally though I do find a character that stays with me. That is what happened when I read
Nora Robert's Valley of Silence. I don't usually read books with vampires in them(except of course Twilight), but I started this series out of sheer boredom and nothing else to read. Someone had given me a copy of the first book that sat on my shelves for quite a while until I picked it up one night. Cian is a vampire but as in Twilight he does not feed on humans. I think that must be the ticket to me liking a vampire- they can't want to drink any humans blood. Cian is so bitter and cynical at the beginning of these books and the change that he makes is so endearing. Of course the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous doesn't hurt either.

8. Will Turner- oh my! I know that he isn't a literary character but he still makes the list. He's sweet, sensitive, handsome, loyal, and so many other things. Of course the fact that Mr. Orlando Bloom plays the role is very, very helpful. *sigh*

9. Fiyero- from
Wicked, which is based on a book so I think this one should count as well. Fiyero is just Fiyero and that's all I can really say about him. He's kind of like Joshua Steed- not much explanation is neccessary.

10. Last but certainly not least would be Roux from
Chocolat played by Johnny Depp. When they dance down by the river- talk about chemistry! WOW! Men that are musical are almost irresistable to me, so when he plays the guitar- I'm a goner!

Whew! That was harder that I thought it would be! I'm sure that I will think of others and want to edit my list at a later time. We'll see.

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so grateful to be Mormon! said...

awesome list, amy. so many of these guys are my choices, too! :) kathleen