Sunday, November 11


Our theme in Sacrament meeting today was on gratitude, then I went to Young Women's and our lesson was also on gratitude- it made me realize that I have been slacking on my "I'm thankful for" posts. Here is a list to make up for the last few days-

1. Our Veterans- our bishop had all the men or women that have ever served in the Armed Forces stand and be recognized. It was beautiful and moving. I am so grateful for these men and women who serve our country!

2. The BYU Men's Chorus- These cd's are some of my most cherished in my collection, which is saying a lot! There is no better way to start out your Sabbath Day!

3. Socks- I adore him!

4. Saturday mornings- they are my favorite day of the week because I get to sleep in. Sleeping in is my most guilty of guilty pleasures. I love days that I don't have to set an alarm clock and I can just get up whenever I wake up- it is a beautiful thing. I know that I am completely spoiled that I am able to sleep in- it is one of the few perks of being single!

5. Family traditions- My Mom made these adorable pilgrims when she and my Dad were first married. They came out every year at our house and I loved them. When my parents retired my Mom decided it was time to get rid of some things. I was lucky enough to get first dibs on the stuff she was getting rid of. I couldn't let these get away- they hold so much sentimental value! Mom shakes her head at me and tells me they are ugly, but I treasure them!

Well, that caught me up for this week. I'll try and do better next week.

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so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi amy,
great list, great reminders. and that was way cool how the bishop had all the vets stand up and be recognized. i would've loved to have seen that.

thanks for coming by. you said it quite well yourself though :) absolutely, we are blessed by others and we are often a gift to others in our lives and we may not even know it. happy Sabbath this night, kathleen :)

ps. and i am glad you came out of lurkdom to say a word or two to me :) come back anytime.