Sunday, November 18

What are your nets?

While I was preparing my YW lesson this week I found this amazing talk by Elder Wirthlin-Follow Me. In this article he talks about the apostles dropping their nets and following Christ when he asked them to "Follow Me" He then focuses on what our "nets" are and if we are willing to drop them so that we can follow the Saviors path to exaltation.

It was a very eye opening read for me. It has made me look at the "nets" in my life. I would love to say that I am willing to drop them and follow but I know that I don't always do that. I cling to those worldly things that I think give me comfort and neglect the things I should. My challenge will be moving beyond recognizing that there is a problem and acting on it. That is always the hardest part isn't it? But Elder Wirthlin's words will help I think. "Yes, I do not suggest that the road will be easy. But I will give you my witness that those who, in faith, leave their nets and follow the Savior will experience happiness beyond their ability to comprehend."

The funny thing is that I didn't even use the article for my lesson. Apparently it was just something I needed to read.

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