Tuesday, November 6

Why I'm thankful today...

My thankful post comes today courtesy of my young women. I am thankful for them for two reasons. The first one being that they are so strong and faithful. They inspire me to try and be a better person. They are so much stronger than I was at their age. I remember being told when I was in young women that we were the royal generation and we would have to face more trials than any other generation before. I feel that same way about these young women now. What choice spirits! I am truly in awe of them.

The other reason I am thankful is because I am so glad that I'm not that age anymore! You couldn't pay me enough to go back to that stage in my life, at least not without the knowledge I have now. I'm thankful that I survived that stage in life. I'm so glad I have these girls in my life to remind me that I truly am at a better place now.

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