Sunday, December 30

12 Days of Christmas

I am amazed by the generosity of people. It's so easy to believe we live in cold hard world where people don't care about each other. Then someone will do something to prove me wrong. I'm so thankful that they do prove me wrong. It restores my faith in humanity. This Christmas season I've seen this generosity in action several times.
Here's an example- Someone chose Zeke and Amanda's family to do the 12 Days of Christmas. We still don't know who it was. There are some very likely candidates but no definite discoveries. It's almost more fun to not know although it is driving me crazy! It was such an amazing gift, here's the list. I do need to explain one thing before I make the list- Amanda loves Cool-Whip. It's something she's discovered since moving to America. They don't have it in New Zealand. She eats it on anything she can think of to eat it on. So whoever did this obviously knows her well.

Day 1: A Freezer! Yes, a freezer. An upright full size freezer. And a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 2: 2 frozen lasagnas and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 3: 3 frozen pizzas and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 4: 4 boxes of freezer bags and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 5: 5 packages of frozen cookie dough and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 6: 6 steaks and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 7: A 7 pound ham and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 8: 8 pounds of chicken breasts and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 9: 9 pounds of ground beef and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 10: 10 gallons of ice cream and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 11: 11 bags of frozen fruits and veggies and a tub of Cool-Whip
Day 12: A box of 12 burritos, 12 ice cream sandwich's, 12 fish sticks and a tub of Cool-Whip

I'm still in awe!!

2 comments: said...

this is soooooooooo neat amy. hilarious also how the little angel always included a tub of cool whip. completely adorable.

i was really impressed and awed and sweetened by you, amy, when you sent me email to check and see if everything was alright with me (when my blog totally died). you are a sweet kind soul, too, hon.

glad to have crossed your path sweetie, kathleen :)

Joyismygoal said...

how nice!! you are so blessed