Monday, December 17

My new couch...

I have lived with hand-me-down furniture pretty much since I moved out of my parents house too many years ago to count. I've had roommates that had nice furniture, but I've never had any myself. My most recent hand-me down looked like this-
Last spring my Mom bought a new chair. It was so cute and I was in love with it. She got it into her house and decided she didn't love it. Instead of returning it she sold it to me. Isn't it beautiful? It's so very comfy too!
The problem arose that I had such a shabby looking couch next to my cute chair. So I went looking for a new couch. I searched and searched but couldn't find just the right one. Mom offered to reupholster her old one if I could find some fabric I liked. This is what we came up with-
Isn't it wonderful??!?!? The finished product arrived at my house yesterday. I'm so excited I can barely stand it. This is what my living room looks like now-
I also had some really old bar stools that I got from the DI when I moved into this apartment. They were yellow and green and looked like they were straight out of the 70's. (I can't find any pictures of them, so I can share with you how terrible they were.) They were hideous but I lived with them for over 2 years because I couldn't find exactly the right thing to replace them. While Mom was reupholstering she did my bar stools too. I'm so happy with them!

My Mother is the most amazing woman!!! She is super talented and very, very generous with her time. I promised to help with both these projects but she did 99% of it. I can never repay her.

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