Tuesday, December 4

The Perks

I have issues with living in Utah. My issues are complicated, somewhat irrational and way too detailed for this post. This post is for me to be grateful for the perks of living in Utah. I was reminded of them several times this weekend.

Perk #1-
I didn't grow up living in Utah so I never got to see the lights on Temple Square. Since I moved here I've tried to go every year. I love to wander through hushed grounds and just feel the magic of the Spirit that exists there. We were down at the Conference Center Theater Friday night and took the time to enjoy the lights while we were there.
(I realize this is not the best picture- but it was the best of the bunch!)
Perk #2-
This goes hand in hand with being able to visit Temple Square- it is so nice to be able to attend events at the Conference Center. Friday night we went to see Savior of the World which is a musical about the birth and resurrection of the Savior. I was kind of skeptical at first but I was pleasantly surprised. I should know better than to doubt any production put on by the Church. They just don't do things that aren't well produced.
We also had the opportunity to attend the First Presidency Christmas Devotional on Sunday night. My parents had never been to an event at the Conference Center so it was fun to take them. My father was amazed that a room full of 21,000 people came to a hush when President Hinckley walked into the room. You could of heard a pin drop! The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra performed and all three members of the First Presidency spoke. It was a beautiful evening.

Perk #3-
Waking up to this-
We had a skiff of snow on Wednesday (see Wordless Wednesday post) but Saturday it really snowed. Yeah!!! I love watching it snow. I love the way it looks on the mountains. I love playing in the snow.
Perk #4-
Good Food! This was a weekend full of yummy-ness. Friday night at PF Changs, Lunch Saturday at Sweetly Divine in Logan, Dinner Saturday at The Firehouse in Logan and my Mom's to die for beef brisket last night. What a weekend! Now it's off to the gym!
Perk #5-
The biggest perk of living in Utah is the fact that my family is close by. I have such a wonderful extended family that is a great support system. If I didn't live in Utah I wouldn't have had this moment last night.

I truly am blessed and need to remind myself of it more often!

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Paige said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm glad I found you, too! Can I invite you to another event at the conference center? Friday night is the Bells on Temple Square concert. You and your parents are invited! You can come without tickets, as I'm sure the conference center will not be full. It should be a good one.