Sunday, December 9

We interrupt this pity party

I can throw a doozy of a pity party. It doesn't happen very often but occasionally it just happens. I've been a very good hostess for my most recent pity party over the last couple of days. There have been refreshments (lots of chocolate!) and music (the sappy, feel sorry for yourself kind).

Today the party came to a screeching halt as I sat in church. It was during the Sacrament hymn that this little gem hit me. "For Courage to accept Thy Will" Just one simple line, that was all it took.

Enough said- pity party over. Back to living life and realizing that someone else is in charge.


piper of love said...

Hi there :)

I'm just coming by to thank you for leaving such an awesome comment for me! I appreciate it :)

You have a great blog yourself, I love your header, and that quote! Kudo's :)

Piper of Love

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi amy,
so agree!

i love it, love it, love it when i am in church or anywhere and a verse from a hymn or a talk or a prayer just pierces me like that and makes me choke up from out of nowhere. i love it when that happens. i usually have to highlight the verse in my scriptures or my personal hymnal or write down the phrase from it or the talk in my gratitude journal right then, can't wait, might forget if i wait.

thanks for reminding me of these kind of precious moments. they make me feel more alive to choke up and react emotionally like this.

blessings to you this day,

Josi said...

ain't that the truth, I think that might be the reason behind the go-to-church-every-week thing. At least in my case, the Lord knows I throw weekly parties most of the time, so I need something to bring me back to reality.

Carrie said...

Makes you want to get drunk doesn't it : )