Thursday, January 24

New and Improved!

Isn't my new design wonderful? It's all due to the brilliance of Carly. From the very beginning of my blogging life I've wanted a simple but not boring template. I've spent more time than I'm willing to admit trying to find a template that I liked. I've even tried to do it myself which was a complete joke! So when Carly said she was starting a blog design business I was all over it! She's a very gifted artist and her blog is always adorable so I knew I would be in great hands. I love it!

Thank you so much Carly!!

Check out Carly's blog design business Playful Pickles Designs. She also has an Etsy Shop that is amazing! She makes the most adorable girl clothes, plus a lot more. Stop by and be awed by her talent, you won't be sorry!


Carrie said...

Luuuuuv it! said...

i love love love how your new header looks! awwwh! just makes want to hug someone!