Thursday, January 3

New Year's Party

I'm a bit slow getting this posted but I've been distracted as proven by me posting my Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday.

Anyway- we gathered at Amanda and Andy's for a night of food, games, food, silliness and more food. The kids all tried to stay up until midnight but they didn't all make it. Heck, I'm surprised all the adults made it. Ken did have a little nap under the pool table, so I guess I can't actually say that all the adults made it.

Bonnie brought Christmas Crackers, which are a English/Scottish tradition. Bonnie served a mission in Scotland so when she saw them here she bought them and brought them to share with us. Each one contained a paper crown (see pictures) and a toy like a top or a whistle. They were fun.

Here are a few pictures of our evening.

1 comment: said...

way cool amy,
glad you had fun together. i especially liked the photo of the sleeping body adult on the floor. where is CSI when you need them? he he

great day hon,
kathleen :) xoxo