Thursday, January 17

Now that's dedication!

As I was driving to work this morning I stopped at a red light. While I was sitting there waiting to turn on to Riverdale Road a man jogged across the crosswalk. This isn't an unusual thing to witness, people exercising is an every day occurrence. What struck me was the fact that it was so cold outside and he was out running. Right after the crosswalk he jogged past one of those big marquee's in front of the car dealership and it flashed the temperature as 3 degrees! My first thought was that he must be insane!

My second thought, and the point of this rambling, was how dedicated he was. What a great amount of willpower he must have to get out of bed, get dressed and step out into that frigid air. I can't even imagine. It must be wonderful to have that kind of passion for something.

It made me wonder if there is anything in my life that I'm that dedicated to, that I have that much passion for. I couldn't really think of anything. Of course, I'm passionate about my family. I would walk through fire for them, but what is it that I'm that passionate about that is just for me? Do I have a hobby or past-time that inspires that level of dedication? It certainly isn't exercise, I struggle to get to the gym. I have to talk myself into it every time I go. I have been trying to think about things I do and enjoy to analyze this question that's been running around in my head- work, church, school, reading, movies, photography, and traveling were a few things I came up with. Dang! I'm a pretty boring person. (not that that's a newsflash or anything) The only thing on this list that even remotely comes close to running in 3 degree weather would be my love of reading. I'd rather read than do just about anything- eat, sleep, work. I'm still not sure that I'd read in 3 degrees though. I want to find something that I'm "run in 3 degrees" passionate about. Hmmmm.... I'll have to give this one some thought.

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i think you're pretty cool. i like how you posed this question. i love to write and read more than practically anything.

toodle loo chickadee,