Thursday, January 24

What a tragedy...

I'm so sad about the passing of Heath Ledger. He was such a gifted actor. I truly believe he had the potential to being one of the best actors of this generation. I never saw his Oscar nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain, but his other work was wonderful.

As sad as it is that his career was cut short it is so much sadder that his little girl will grow up without her father in her life. It was so obvious from every interview he gave that he adored her. My heart breaks for her and what she will miss. My prayers go out to his family in their time of mourning.

I found
this article this morning and it makes my blood boil. It says that a church group is planning on protesting at his funeral because of his role in Brokeback Mountain. That is so wrong! I don't care if you agree with the acting choices he made or not, a person's funeral is not the time to protest. The last thing his family needs is protesters. This is a time to step back and allow his family the privacy and respect they deserve.

Rest in peace Heath.

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amen sister. i agree with every single point you made here.

ditto. couldn't have said all of it better all around.