Tuesday, February 19

The Cullen's

There they are... The Cullen's in the flesh! Stephenie Meyer posted the first official pictures of the Cullen's this morning. What a great treat to wake up to!

I'm thrilled with the casting! I love Robert as Edward!! I was excited when his casting was first announced but now that I see him in character with the bronze hair and yellowish eyes I'm ecstatic!! He is Edward!

I was really worried about the casting of Alice. She is my favorite character other than Edward and Bella. If they missed the mark with Alice the whole movie would have been ruined for me. I really think that Ashley Greene looks the part; I'm going to have faith that she can capture Alice's spirit and charm.

I love the casting of Elizabeth Reaser as Esme. I'm not familiar with her as an actor but she looks like Esme does in my head, which just makes me happy.

I think that they nailed Carlisle when they cast Peter Facinelli. Doesn't he just look like a wise, compassionate soul in a 20-something year old doctors body? I love Carlisle. Who am I kidding? I love all the Cullens!

Nikki Reed as Rosalie is brilliant! You can almost feel the attitude and snobbery rolling off of her in that picture. I really want to like Rosalie. She has to have some redeeming qualities I just haven't found them yet. I keep thinking that if Emmet loves her there must be some depth in all her shallowness. I'm hoping in Breaking Dawn she will redeem herself. I have a theory that she will kind of be like Snape... you won't know she's the good guy until the very end.

I only have two complaints about the casting and they aren't even about who was cast, just about how they are portrayed in the cast pictures.

The first one is Kellan Lutz as Emmett. I love Emmett and I think that Kellan really fits the description of him. He even has Emmett's killer dimples. My issue with the picture is that Emmett is supposed to have curly dark hair and Kellan has naturally curly hair. Why, oh why did they cut his hair so short?!?!?!?

My other issue is Jasper. I think that Jackson Rathbone will be great. He's not how I pictured Jasper, but I still think he will be great. I think he looks great next to Alice which is muy importante! My issue is his hair in that picture! Hello?!?! Did they just grab some random blond wig and throw it on his head? I think that's why he's not really in focus in any of those pictures, no one wanted to draw attention to that wig. He looks like Stuart Smiley or the guy from Blades of Glory played by Jon Heder. Yuck!!!

This is Jackson as he should be....
Yes, he's supposed to be blonde but you can't tell me that in Hollywood they can't come up with a better wig or just dye his hair. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that the wig will go away before filming starts.

Ok, now I've rambled for long enough. Now we just need to know who will be playing Jacob and I can relax.

Oh and by the way... I know I'm obsessed and I'm 100% ok with that. It makes me happy. :-)


jen said...

Amy - I think I can't see Elizabeth Reaser as Esme because I loved her so much in Sweet Land. And really, what was up with Jasper's hair??

Inspired Kathy said...

Oh my gosh I should hire you to write my blog entries...I love it!