Saturday, February 16

I want one!!!

I seriously had to pull over when I saw this. I had to compose myself before I could continue driving. This is why I carry a camera at all times.

Edited to clarify (because I've had several people ask): This is a blanket- one of those fuzzy ones. Can't you just imagine snuggling up with that every night?!?!!? Ewwwwww!


Carrie said...

Is that a blanket? Because girl you NEED to wrap up in that every night! (and I wish we could clone my an lds version of coure)

Rae said...

Sorry to quote a quote a Pauli Shore movie but..."his cones are bigger then mine!" Good night nurse...*sigh*

Bonnie the Boss said...

I laughed out loud at this. Thanks for that. He is delicious.