Sunday, February 10

It's coming....

and there's nothing I can do to stop it. What am I talking about? Single Awareness Day aka St. Valentine's Day. I hate this excuse of a holiday.

Knowing of my hate for this "holiday" my Mom bought me this-

The UnValentine by Sam Beeson

This is my favorite passage from the book-
Exactly midway through the frigid month of February,
a day is celebrated by the dull and ordinary.
And all around me notes are passed by idiots and stupids-
Packed with sugar-mottoed hearts and naked, pudgy cupids.
This ritual, conducted under heart-shaped crimson flag,
Does absolutely nothing for me,
but to make me gag!

There are some Valentine's at the back of the book, this one is my favorite-
In the space below
Write a word
That describes Valentine's Day
And rhymes with Cupid-

I'm not bitter..... really I'm not.... ok, maybe just a bit.....


Carrie said...

I have NO idea how you can possibly hate a day that is built around sugar cookies, boxes of chocolates, and luuuuvvv. I mean, screw the smarmy couples and icky lovey-dovey stuff and go for the ju-ju hearts and those heart boxes of candy. Another reason to love Valentines day? Easter candy. You know as soon as love day is over the stores will be overflowing with Cadbury Eggs and those sinfully amazing Reese's Peanutbutter things....yuuuhm! (life really is about candy)

Kim said...

Amy~ I know the kid who illustrated this book....Jesse Draper. He was the photographer for my daughter's wedding and my studio buddy for one month at Jeff Hein's atelier in SLC. (Just so you know, my birthday falls on Valentine's Day and for that reason, I'm starting to dislike the day the older I get :~})