Tuesday, February 26

Simple Pleasures

The radio station I listen to was having listeners call in this morning and tell them what their simple pleasures in life are. It got me thinking about what my simple pleasures are. This is what I came up with.

~a warm summer evening when I can roll down all my windows and open my sunroof and just drive
~a fountain diet coke
~realizing someone is a kindred spirit
~finding a new favorite song that just speaks to my soul
~flannel sheets
~Girl's Night Out
~staying up until some crazy hour of the night to finish a book because it's that good
~watching it snow
~a piece of chocolate surprise cake with cream cheese frosting
~emails that aren't spam
~comments on my blog (hint, hint)
~laughing until you cry or snort or both
~a hug
~having a job you love
~snuggling with a baby
~mornings when you don't have to set an alarm
~a long hot shower
~care packages full of chocolate from Germany
~any mail that isn't a bill
~watching a movie with Socks curled up on my lap
~sitting by the fire pit just watching the fire and visiting with loved ones
~Chili's and TGIFriday's
~a new haircut and color
~sleeping in
~standing in a building that is several hundred/thousand years old and just absorbing the atmosphere
~hanging out with my Mom
~a good night sleep
~finishing a project
~my jammies
~chips and salsa
~wandering in a book store, not necessarily buying anything, just wandering
~buying new books
~a neck massage
~someone playing with my hair
~seeing old friends you haven't seen for a while and having it be like no time has passed at all
~having my nieces and nephews give me unprompted hugs
~capturing a moment perfectly on my camera
~finding a killer parking spot

~cranking up the music in my car and singing along

What are the simple pleasures in your life?


jen said...

I am with you on the list. Especially the diet fountian coke, the books (buying & browsing) & I really loves comments. :) But I hate sleeping in. Funny how that changed for me when I got old.

Rae said...

Amy...wow, it is odd to me to read my thoughts in your writing. Lol! Meg once told me that you were me....only in Utah. I can't wait to meet you on the TM trip! Another Simple pleasure. :)

Janelle said...


It's amazing how many "simple pleasures" we have in common! Especially reading books that are "that good", browsing in book stores, seeing old (European) buildings, catching the perfect Kodak moment, and spending everyday moments with family and friends. I'm also glad to see your job on the list of your favorite things...you're awesome to work with every day and you brighten my life with sunshine!

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