Tuesday, March 18


This is so me!!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

This I know about you. I hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey missy!

Don't ask me how i even found this blog but you should have told me about it because I LOVE IT! And damn you, because I was going to go to bed over an hour ago, but I just read your whole blog, so now i can be way tired again in the morning. Ah well...
Anyway, sorry to be an internet stalker, but i am kind of glad i am. I really did like this. A lot.
I love you!

Rae said...

Lol! Oddly just yesterday I had that experience. My boss walked in and asked me what I would do if she asked me to locate some information. Lol! My response was: Well lets check with google first. Lol!

jen said...

Funny story - My 8 year old googles everything. I have to watch her really close. Kids are so smart these days.
I like to google people. I know, kinder stalker-ish. I don't know why I just do and I can't stop myself. The Audiologist, my new neighbor, random people I know.
By the way how is the new calling going?

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