Monday, March 31

Memo to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
It is with utmost respect that I am writing you to remind you that winter is over! I'm wondering if maybe you celebrated a bit too much at the Spring Equinox and are still recovering because you are neglecting your spring duties. I woke up to this today-

which did not make me a happy girl. I do not want to wake up to snow again until next winter. Am I making myself clear?

From now on this is what I would like to wake up to-

I feel that I have been very patient through this very snowy winter. I have not bad mouthed you once when you made it snow every other day. I enjoyed the beauty of it and was thankful for the moisture. But even I have a breaking point- Enough is enough! I'm done!!

Thank you for your attention. I trust that you will comply with my wishes quickly. I will be watching for follow through.


p.s.- Please to not skimp on spring this year. In years past you've only given us a taste of spring and gone straight on to summer. I don't enjoy being hot so if you could make spring last a while I'd appreciate it greatly.


Bonnie the Boss said...

Amen Sister, to all you have said. Mother nature I concur.Please make it so.

Lauralee said...

That's great (if you visit!!) So do you care if I put a link on my page to your blog? You have the funnest blog ever! SO cute (and recipes too...very cool!)

Rae said...

But the Snow is so pretty. I mean really...what a lovely sight....*sigh* I want more snow!

MANJA said...


Anonymous said...

Sing it sister. I hope she listens. I wanted to cry yesterday when I woke up to snow. You would think I have now lived in Utah long enough that this would not surprise me, but it always does!
And wow, word to having spring more than 3 days this year. Let's hope.

~tracy~ said...

just replying again to let you know that instead of doing stuff like cleaning my house, i made a blog finally instead. i don't know if you can find it from here, but it's there. it does have some minor(?) swearing in it. Not the big BAD swears, but small ones.
Now i don't have to be anonymous anymore! Yay!

Jodie T Photography said...

Amy, you are so funny and have put into words exactly what I have been thinking. I hope mother nature takes your letter into consideration.

Janelle said...

Amy, I just don't know how Mother Nature could possibly ignore your sincere and heartfelt request. You really said what all of us are feeling!

But.... just in case the snow we got TODAY keeps on coming--have you given any thought to starting a petition???