Tuesday, April 29

Tag- I'm it!

Jen tagged me so here goes nothing....

4 things I was doing 10 years ago... 1998
1. Living in El Paso, Texas
2. Working as a CNA at the hospital
3. Decorating cars in the middle of the night (don't ask)
4. Being super silly and loving life thanks to Melissa and Rey

4 things I was doing 5 years ago...2003
1. Working as a phlebotomist for the Red Cross Blood Services
2. Living in Salt Lake with Aja and Gina (best roomie combo ever!)
3. I was the Ward Prayer Coordinator (gotta love those made up singles ward callings)
4. I can't think of a fourth thing! How pathetic am I?!?! I reserve the right to edit this out and put something else in when I have an epiphany.

4 things I did yesterday...
1. Went to work
2. Took my finals
3. Went to Sam's Club
4. Did laundry (my life is so boring!)

4 shows I like...
1. Bones
2. American Idol
3. CSI
4. Friends

My biggest 4 joys of the moment...
1. School being out for the summer
2. My family- love them!
3. My cyber friends that I'm hanging out with in real life this week
4. My job- I know it's crazy but I love my job and the amazing people I work with!
Now I'm supposed to tag four people. Hmmm.... who am I going to tag? Jodie, Bonnie, Tracy and Janelle (maybe this will motivate you to post!) Actually I'm inviting anyone who reads this to play along, just make sure you tell me when you post so I can read your answers.

Monday, April 28

For the record...

I received this email the other day from a friend. I enjoyed it and thought I'd share it...

For those of you who have been watching the news and may have wondered....

Some Mormon women sing~

Some Mormon women dance~

Some Mormon women write scary stories~

Some Mormon women have lots of money and really great hair~

I know hundreds of Mormon women. They do all kinds of different things and live all different kinds of lives.
None of the Mormon women I know look like this~

None of them are marrying off their teenage daughters and-- although some may joke about wanting a sister-wife (preferably one who is really fat & ugly, does bathrooms and changes diapers)--none of them really want to share their husband with anyone.
Some Mormon men can throw a ball~

Some Mormon men yell at the ball~

Some Mormon men make scary movies~

Some Mormon men have a lot of money and really great hair~

I know hundreds of Mormon men. They do all kinds of different things and live all kinds of different lives.
None of the Mormon men I know look like this~
The Mormon men I know are honest and hard-working. And TRUST ME....the last thing any of them want is another wife.

Friday, April 25

Friday's Feast

Name something you would categorize as weird.
Jason Castro and Brooke White not being in the bottom two on American Idol this week.

What color was the last piece of food you ate?
Does ice count? It was clear.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy being alone?
About an 8- does that make me a loser? I’m not anti-social I just enjoy my alone time. My circumstances have required that I be ok with being alone or I would go crazy!

Main Course
Fill in the blank: I will _________ vote for ___________ in _______.
I will not vote for Clinton in 2008.

Describe your sleeping habits.
I usually go to bed about 11ish and then my alarm goes off at 6:30- notice I said the alarm goes off, not that I get out of bed. I have a daily battle with my alarm clock. Sometimes I get up at 6:30 but usually it’s closer to 7 or 7:15. Saturday is my favorite day of the week because I don’t have to set my alarm. I can get up whenever I wake up- it’s a beautiful thing.


In case you're interested in the woman behind my obsession Time Magazine has written a fabulous article about Stephenie Meyer. You can read it here.

Some of my favorite quotes-

"I really think that's the underlying metaphor of my vampires," she says. "It doesn't matter where you're stuck in life or what you think you have to do; you can always choose something else. There's always a different path."

"I don't think I'm a writer; I think I'm a storyteller," Meyer says. "The words aren't always perfect."

"The way she manages the reader's curiosity, maintaining tension and controlling the flow of information, is simply virtuosic. She creates a compulsion in the reader that is not unvampiric."

"And people do not want to just read Meyer's books; they want to climb inside them and live there."

Oh, and in case you were wondering The Host comes out in 11 days- but who's counting?

Tuesday, April 22

My Helper

Why is it when you want help you can't get it but when you don't want help you more than you need? I try to get Socks to fold the laundry all the time. We talk about it frequently. I think it would be fair way for him to earn his keep. What else does he have to do during the day? He always gives me that blank stare that tells me he's better than folding laundry. So why is it when I finally break down and fold the mountain of clean clothes that he has to be in the middle of it? Just to drive me crazy? I think so. GRRR!! It's a good thing he's cute!

Monday, April 21

Did you hear that?

That rush of wind you just heard go by was a sigh of relief. Yes, the dreaded research paper and presentation is done!!! Oh happy day!!!

I do still have 2 finals to take but at this point those are the least of my worries.

I'm going to bed.

Sunday, April 20

MTV Rocks my world!!

Giddy fangirly squeals of delight!!! I have no words.... just watch it!!! (over and over and over again!)

For some reason I couldn't get the MTV clip to embed so I'm putting the YouTube clip up. It's exactly the same as the MTV one except the one on MTV is higher resolution. You can view it on their website.

Saturday, April 19

I wonder

Is Weber State going to pay for me to have my alignment adjusted? It's an obstacle course to get into the parking lot! Obviously the rising cost of tuition doesn't pay for campus upkeep. Sheesh!

Friday, April 18

Tip of the day

Do NOT go to the store when you are stressed, tired and craving chocolate. The results are not pretty.

Friday's Feast

Name a color you find soothing.

Using 20 or less words, describe your first driving experience.
Traumatizing (how’s that for 20 words or less?)

What material is your favorite item of clothing made out of?
Flannel (my jammies)

Main Course
Who is a great singer or musician who, if they were to come to your town for a concert, you would spend the night outside waiting for tickets to see?
This question makes me laugh because this is totally something I would do. As for whom I would do it for- Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Wicked tickets, Daughtry. I’m sure there are others but I can’t think of them right now.

What is the most frequent letter of the alphabet in your whole name (first, middle, maiden, last, etc.)?
I have 8 different letters, no repeats.

Thursday, April 17

A whole lot of random

In an attempt to blog about something besides American Idol or Twilight I wrote a post about how annoyed I get that I let fear rule my life. It was a post inspired by a post I read a good friend's blog. The funny thing is that I'm afraid to post it. How ironic is that?!?! It may still end up here but I need to tweak it a little bit first. So instead of deep and thought provoking you get all the randomness rattling around in my head.

The Mortal Instrument series- I swore I wasn't going to start another unfinished series of books but
City of Bones was the book of the month for my book club so I had to read it. Of course as soon as I finished it I had to rush out and buy City of Ashes. Unfortunately the third installment, City of Glass, doesn't come out until next March, which is why I didn't want to get involved in another series. I don't want to wait that long!!

These are young adult fiction, which I seem to be reading a lot of recently, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. There are Shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, faeries and demons galore and lots of teenage angst so if that interests you I would recommend them. There is a weird plot twist at the end of the first one that does not get resolved in the second but I'm 99.9% sure it will be resolved in the third one. Also one of the main characters is gay. There aren't any love scenes that he's involved in or anything but if that is a problem for you don't read them.
Three Musketeers Mint- Have you tried them? They are to die for!!

Healthy People 2010- anyone care about it? I certainly don't but if you do and want to write a research paper about it in the next couple of days let me know. There is also a 20 minute presentation involved so if you could include a killer PowerPoint presentation that would be great!

Twilight Movie Update- The Queen Mother Stephenie Meyer has updated her website with a
write up about her visit to the movie set. I love the picture of her with the humans! My favorite thing about her whole write up is the story about Peter Facinelli's April Fool's joke, it's hysterical! I even bought into it while I was reading it and was starting to panic.

Speaking of the Queen Mother-
The Host comes out on May 6th. Woo-hoo!! I'm so excited to get it into my hot little hands!

Of course it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't have my weekly AI thoughts. Can I tell you how thrilled I was that Kristy Lee went home last night?!?! FINALLY!!! That made my week!!! Oh and in case you didn't know- I love David Cook!! That being said, I don't want him to win. I don't want him to be trapped into the American Idol contract. He needs to be free to do what he wants.

Monday, April 14

A Good Day

Today was a good day. Wanna know why? Because of this-
What is it? It's me driving to class with my sunroof open!! Yay! It made my whole day to be able to drive with my sunroof open. It was 80 degrees today! Of course it's going to be cold and rainy for the next two days but it was 80 degrees today! Woo-hoo!
This almost makes up for the fact that I messed up setting up my vcr so I recorded The Simpsons and Seinfeld instead of Bones. Grrr! It's a good thing Fox puts the full episodes on their website or I'd be really stressed right now. I need to know what my favorite squints are up to. I thought I would know tonight but I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I guess this means I have to work on my research project instead of watching Seeley and Booth. Bummer....

Friday, April 11

Feeding the obsession...

Behind the scenes footage of Twilight from MTV-~Kristen looks great as Bella!

I've given up all hope of getting this obsession under control. Just when I think I'm doing well something like this comes out.

Here are my thoughts after watching this more times than I'm willing to admit:
~Robert and Kristen have amazing chemistry- wowza! There's a glance there in one of the shots that took my breath away.
~I've had my doubts about Jackson playing Jasper and although I'm still not a fan of his hair, there was a moment there that I could see Jasper instead of Jackson.
~Carlisle! We got to see Carlisle!! Yay, yay, yay!!! I love Peter Facinelli and have been dying to see him as Carlisle. Of course it was only a few seconds but it was enough to make me happy!
~Nikki is gorgeous!! Oh my goodness-what a knockout! She's perfection as Rosalie.
~The "They've got brooms" comment cracked me up!! I'm a big Harry Potter fan but I do think that Stephenie's vampires could totally take the wizards down.

Thursday, April 10

America got it wrong!

I'm in shock! How did Michael Johns get the lowest amount of votes? I just don't understand.

Tuesday, April 8

There is hope...

Here are a few pictures I snapped this weekend. They give me hope that Spring really will come even though it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

Conference ramblings...

This is really just for documentation purposes... you don't have to read my ramblings if you don't want to. I'll find something funny or interesting to post soon. :-)

~It was amazing to see President Monson settle into the role of Prophet. I've never doubted he is our new prophet. I enjoyed seeing him in that role. I listened to the Solemn Assembly while I was driving home from campus. (I had intended to be home in time but you all know how I deal with mornings) Even though it was just audio I could feel the power of all the members of the Church sustaining their new prophet. What a moment!

~I am beyond thrilled that Mack Willberg is the new director of the Mo Tab! He is a genius!!! He's been arranging for the choir for years but I loved seeing him as the director. Their performance of "Called to Serve" was one of the highlights of conference for me.

~I was able to attend Saturday afternoons session. It was wonderful! It was kind of warm in the balcony and that is my sleepy time of day so I struggled a little bit but I don't think I missed much.

~Bonnie and I had a brilliant idea after walking through the crowds of people holding up signs asking for tickets. Next conference I'm going to make a sign that says "Wanted: Husband- must have a pulse and a temple recommend" and then I'm going to stand in front of the conference center before Priesthood session. Do you think it will work? Any of my single friends out there want to join me?

~I really struggled with Conference this time around. I was hoping to be more inspired than I was. I know that was my fault. I should have been more prepared. It's funny that the one thing that actually touched me came during the talk that I had tuned out. When they start talking about families and mothers I tune out. It's a defense mechanism, it's how I cope. So I was only kind of listening to Elder Ballards talk. Then he said this- "I hope all of you dear sisters, married or single, never wonder if you have worth in the sight of the Lord and of the leaders of the church. We love you, we respect you, and appreciate your influence in preserving the family and assisting with the growth and spiritual vitality of the Church." There it was, buried in a talk I wasn't really focusing on, the message I needed.

Friday, April 4

Are you tough enough?

Have you heard? NKOTB is reuniting!! If you don’t know what NKOTB means you don’t need to read any further.

I’m going to prove to you all what big dork I am. I am so excited that NKOTB is getting back together! I was a HUGE fan back in the day. I had posters on my wall. I knew all the songs by heart. I’m pretty sure I knew some of the dance moves as well.

I was a Donnie girl. *sigh* He was so dreamy.

I never got to go to a concert. I don’t know if they never came to the area we were living in or if I just didn’t get tickets. I can’t remember that far back. Anyway, I would totally go to a concert if they came anywhere near Salt Lake on their tour. Yes I know I’m crazy. Yes I know it would be like all the old ladies screaming at Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics. It would still be worth it. I hope they come this direction. If I have to go by myself I will….. I’m hoping there is someone out there as dorky as I am that will go with me though. (I realize I’m counting my chickens before they hatch- Utah’s probably not real high on their priority list but a girl can dream.)

In case you're feeling the need for a walk down memory lane....

Yep, that’s me- Queen of the dorks and lovin’ it!!

Thursday, April 3

Friday's Feast

Invent a new flower; give it a name and describe it.
I'm totally drawing a blank on this one- I'm not really a flower person.

Name someone whom you think has a wonderful voice.
Oh goodness, there are so many! Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Chris Daughtry, Sarah Brightman, Linda Eder, Clay Aiken, Idina Menzel, Norah Jones, Rob Thomas, Peter Cincotti..... I'm going to stop now but I know I could come up with a lot more.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how clean do you keep your car?
About a 5

Main Course
How do you feel about poetry?
I like poetry. Anything by Shel Silverstein is fun. The Road Not Taken is one of my favorites. I don't sit and read books of poetry though.

What was the last person/place/thing you took a picture of?
My snowy yard the other morning- grrrr!

Tuesday, April 1

"Do I dazzle you?"


Wowza!! There are tons of pictures coming from Twilight fans that have been able to visit the set of the movie. This one is my favorite!!! Robert is Edward!! The bronze hair, the topaz eyes, the pale skin.... oh my goodness!!

Is it December 12th yet?!?!

(Thank you Sean for letting me use your picture!)