Friday, April 11

Feeding the obsession...

Behind the scenes footage of Twilight from MTV-~Kristen looks great as Bella!

I've given up all hope of getting this obsession under control. Just when I think I'm doing well something like this comes out.

Here are my thoughts after watching this more times than I'm willing to admit:
~Robert and Kristen have amazing chemistry- wowza! There's a glance there in one of the shots that took my breath away.
~I've had my doubts about Jackson playing Jasper and although I'm still not a fan of his hair, there was a moment there that I could see Jasper instead of Jackson.
~Carlisle! We got to see Carlisle!! Yay, yay, yay!!! I love Peter Facinelli and have been dying to see him as Carlisle. Of course it was only a few seconds but it was enough to make me happy!
~Nikki is gorgeous!! Oh my goodness-what a knockout! She's perfection as Rosalie.
~The "They've got brooms" comment cracked me up!! I'm a big Harry Potter fan but I do think that Stephenie's vampires could totally take the wizards down.


jen said...

Amy - you're killin me. I am equally obsessed. I agree with all your comments. I have serious probs with Jasper's hair. Yikes. I have to say I've never in my life been so excited about a movie/book - it could be that I am always finding out new tidbits on your blog :) Keep 'em coming.

Bonnie the Boss said...

That was fun. I speak I get to go with you to see it. You can't just go with your twilight friends.

Carrie said...

Carlisle is definitely on my "list"--hot blond doctors, mmmmmmmm.

Cassidy Mae said...

Oh my I totally agree.... with everythig you said! :) (Especially the vampires taking down the wizards, cause it's so true! They are practically invincible!) I won't tell YOU how many times I've watched this but it's pretty pathetic hehe.

Kim said...

Amy, you are not alone. I think there are so many of us out there suffering from Twilightitis. I have a feeling that sitting in that theatre come December 12th will be alot like attending a Josh Groban concert x 10!!