Tuesday, April 29

Tag- I'm it!

Jen tagged me so here goes nothing....

4 things I was doing 10 years ago... 1998
1. Living in El Paso, Texas
2. Working as a CNA at the hospital
3. Decorating cars in the middle of the night (don't ask)
4. Being super silly and loving life thanks to Melissa and Rey

4 things I was doing 5 years ago...2003
1. Working as a phlebotomist for the Red Cross Blood Services
2. Living in Salt Lake with Aja and Gina (best roomie combo ever!)
3. I was the Ward Prayer Coordinator (gotta love those made up singles ward callings)
4. I can't think of a fourth thing! How pathetic am I?!?! I reserve the right to edit this out and put something else in when I have an epiphany.

4 things I did yesterday...
1. Went to work
2. Took my finals
3. Went to Sam's Club
4. Did laundry (my life is so boring!)

4 shows I like...
1. Bones
2. American Idol
3. CSI
4. Friends

My biggest 4 joys of the moment...
1. School being out for the summer
2. My family- love them!
3. My cyber friends that I'm hanging out with in real life this week
4. My job- I know it's crazy but I love my job and the amazing people I work with!
Now I'm supposed to tag four people. Hmmm.... who am I going to tag? Jodie, Bonnie, Tracy and Janelle (maybe this will motivate you to post!) Actually I'm inviting anyone who reads this to play along, just make sure you tell me when you post so I can read your answers.


jen said...

I love made up callings. Once I was the ward scrapbook person.
And I would like some more info on the car decorating - I think we could be really good friends. My Mom can tell you all about my experiences with that sort of thing.

Melissa said...

Oh, the good 'ole days in El Paso. I got homesick reading your blog post. Lets get out of Utah and go back to Texas where it does not snow and where we can go eat some tres leches and tamales.

Janelle said...

Oh, you are SO BAD!!!!! OK, so you're going to shame me into posting on my barely existent little blog?! Well I deserve to have you break out the old cattle prod and get things moving.

I hope you had a great time in "you-know-where" and I'm anxious to hear all about it Monday morning. Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!