Monday, May 5

Here we go again...

Twilight in HD

This is the official Twilight teaser that will be shown in the theaters shortly. I have no words.... all I can come up with is jumbled fangirly nonsense. Just watch it- over and over and over again. Then pick yourself up off the floor and watch it again.

Random funny story about Twilight- My cousin Lyn has had Twilight at her house for months and hasn't read it. I've told her several times that she would love it but she's been busy so I haven't bugged her about it.
This is the conversation I had with her on the phone Friday night-
Me: Hello?
Lyn: Hi Amy! Are you home?
Me: No, I'm in Provo at dinner with friends.
Lyn: Oh
Me: Why, what's up?
Lyn: Well, I stayed up all night last night reading Twilight and I need the second book! Do you have it? What's it called?
Me: It's called New Moon. It's on my bookshelf in my house, send Ben over to get it.
Lyn: Thank you!

Hee, hee.... another one bites the dust! They all come to the dark side eventually. No one can resist. She hasn't read Eclipse yet because she says she has to get her life back in order before she looses another day reading. I can't tell you how much joy this brings me :-)


jen said...

11. That's the number of times I watched it. THANK YOU!

Bonnie the Boss said...

They really ought to come up with a Twilights Anon. (Hi, my name is Amy, I have been clean for 30 sec. (Applause)) For all of you crazys!!!! JK I actually watched this more than once. I am not saying how many! It looks really good. I am going to be way dissapointed if it isn't. You know how picky I am.

~tracy~ said...

Your cousin Tracy has had the first one in her house for months too and also has not read it. Wow. I'm almost scared to.

shannon said...

hilarious, i love that you called it the dark side...'cause it totally is!

Amber {Utah Photography} said...

:) TM here, Love reading your blog!! Your one busy lady might I add! Have a great day!