Tuesday, May 13

Red, White and Blue Night in Georgia

I decided to bypass Twilight Tuesday this week for several reasons. First because I'm having a Stephenie Meyer extravaganza this coming weekend so I will have plenty of things to blog about concerning the Queen Mother, The Host and Twilight then. Second because I found this video today and it really touched me. This song is sung by a woman in my ward. Her name is Melissa Jones. The footage on this video is of her brother Jake and his wife Jaime. They also live in our ward. They are an amazing family that have sacrificed a great deal for our country. I love this tribute to them and to all our military families.

Red, White and Blue Night in Georgia


Rae said...

Thanks Amy, what a powerful song about the sacrifices of the soldiers and their families.

jen said...

Wow. That was great.

cw said...

Very touching Amy. Loved this. It is a Kleenex video. cw