Sunday, May 18

Stephenie Meyer Extravaganza

Oh My Goodness!!! I'm not sure I can put into words how wonderful this weekend has been!!

The party started Friday afternoon with lunch with friends and ended Saturday evening when I forced myself to leave the signing after party and drive home. It was an amazing day and a half.
Here are a few of the highlights-
The Queen Mother herself- Stephenie Meyer! This woman is amazing! She is gracious and humble and flat out gorgeous! Her pictures do not do her justice at all. She was so nice to the thousands of people that came through the signing lines. I'm in awe of her.
*Fangirly squeal* Stephenie Meyer's signature in my book! Life is good!

This is a very large group of women that all belong to the same Twilight website. It was so amazing to see all of us in one spot at the same time. What a blast!!!

It's amazing to me that it's possible to meet people over the internet, people you would have never met otherwise, and become such amazing friends! Aren't these women beautiful?!?!? These are my "cyber" friends that have now become some of my dearest friends. From left to right- Me, Donna (who I got to meet for the first time this weekend-Yay!!) Meg, Mary Ann, Lisa, Kathy and Amy- I am so blessed.


Lauralee said...

Wow, how exciting. (I haven't read the books and don't really get it...but maybe eventually I will)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Yay you!!! Where in the hell is my book? Here I am layed up in bed and can't come get it. I am dying for something good to read. I am not happy. I want that book. JK. I am so glad you had fun. I wanted you to come over and share all the juicy details. Work with me here.