Tuesday, May 27

Twilight Tuesday

It's Tuesday and you know what that means.... I get to gush about Twilight as much as I want. Today is a doozie so if you're not interested in all things Twilight you can stop reading now.

Here goes-
The folks at MTV have posted an article and video on the MTV Movie Blog I'm going to attempt to embed the video here. The last time I did this I had technical issues. Let's hope it works better today. It's just a whole bunch of random questions that fans have sent in to ask the cast. It's kind of fun to watch.

MTV has also announced that they will broadcast a completed scene from Twilight during the MTV Movie Awards. It will also be on their website shortly after the award show. It will probably end up here next Tuesday too.

In other Twilight news-
When The Host was released in the United Kingdom it was released with a bound copy of the first chapter of Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's perspective. I'm not sure why they got so lucky, maybe it was making up for the fact that Stephenie wasn't going international for her book signing tour, I don't know. Anyway... they have been available to buy on E-bay for large amounts of money so even though I wanted one I knew there was no way that I would pay that much for something that I could read on-line. The other day a friend sent me a link to an ebay seller that wasn't charging an arm and a leg for a copy so I bought one. Isn't it beautiful?

Yes, I know I'm a dork but it makes me happy so I'm ok with being a dork. My only regret is that it arrived after the book signings because I would have loved to have Stephenie Meyer sign mine.

The Special Edition of Eclipse is going on sale on the 31st. Why is it a special edition? It contains the cover art for Breaking Dawn and the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. It also has some iron on transfers, but that's not important, it has the first chapter and cover art for Breaking Dawn! There are some stores that are selling it early. I'm sure that some silly stock boy didn't realize it was a special edition and just put it out on the shelves. The only difference on the cover is this little bitty sticker, so to the untrained eye it would appear to be a regular copy of Eclipse.There are some people out there that had to purchase it even though they didn't really need another copy of Eclipse. There are some people have read the first chapter multiple times already. I'm not naming any names but if you live close by me and want to read the first chapter let me know, I might be able to hook you up.

I think that's everything for this week's edition of Twilight Tuesday. I'll have more to gush about next week... stay tuned.


Bonnie the Boss said...

You are a fountain of knowledge this evening. I am just about done with Host. If I give you my firstborn can you hook me up? On the other hand maybe not giving you my firstborn is the best option.

Carrie said...

After I take my national board exam next week (I'll also begin studying for it next week), I'm going to treat myself to a copy of The Host...and a trip to Washington DC...and dinner at an expensive resaurant...all on a part time job budget : ) My life rocks!

And wasn't the first chapter of Breaking Dawn online?