Sunday, May 4

Women's Conference

Those of you that know me well will be shocked by the fact that I spent the last few days at Women's Conference. For those of you that don't know why you should be shocked let me explain a little bit. I've never been a big fan of BYU or Utah Valley in general. After I spent countless hours dealing with Zoobies while I worked for the Red Cross doing blood drives I really hated BYU and Utah Valley.

So when my friend Kathy suggested I join her at Women's Conference I actually laughed. There was no way I was going to go and spend 2 days on BYU's campus being lectured on how to be a good LDS woman- not my idea of a good time, thank you very much.
I'm not sure if Kathy is just really, really persuasive or I just had a moment of weakness or maybe it was both but I signed up and took the time off work.

Surprisingly I had an amazing time! I loved every minute of it. I'm going to try and make this an annual event in my life.

The conference started with Sheri Dew speaking. She is my hero. Every time I hear her speak or read something she has written I'm inspired to be a better person.

There were so many classes to choose from on Thursday and Friday. I enjoyed every class I attended. I had an "a-ha" moment in the middle of one class that must have been the reason I was so easily persuaded to go to Women's Conference, it was exactly what I needed to hear. It wasn't anything new or deep it was just a reminder of something I already knew but had forgotten.
Thursday evening after conference was officially over there were tons of service opportunities. There were two buildings full of service projects to be done- women were making baby blankets, greeting cards, Christmas stockings, newborn kits, hygiene kits, school kits- it was amazing!!! Women were lined up for the opportunity to participate. I folded towels and opened bags for hygiene kits for awhile. People can say what they want about the Church but no one can dispute the outstanding humanitarian work that the Church does. I was blown away. Friday morning they read stats of all the work that had been done the night before and it was awe inspiring.
There was a concert Thursday night after the service projects. It featured a bunch of Shadow Mountain recording artists- Hillary Weeks, Eclipse, Jennifer Jordan Frogley Kenneth Cope and Michael McLean. It was a blast!
President Monson was the concluding speaker of Women's Conference. His talk was, of course, so wonderful. I love that man. As he was leaving the Marriott Center he stopped and waved at everyone and gave us all a thumbs up. It was so very much like something President Hinckley would have done. It was such a special moment. My entire row was in tears.
In addition to all the wonderfulness of Women's Conference I got to get together with a bunch of wonderful women I've met through a message board I'm a member of. Some of them I had met before and some of them are new friends. We had dinner Wednesday and Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning. We had so much fun chatting, laughing and really getting to know each other.
I was spiritually and emotionally fed over the past few days- I am so blessed.

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Cassidy Mae said...

Wasn't Women's Conf. great.... just when you need it, you hear one of the speakers say something that really makes an impact. I love Sister Beck and Sheri Dew and Pres. Monson. They are ALL AWESOME! :)