Thursday, June 19

Technology saves the day!

I was awakened at 1:45 this morning by a phone call. By the time I became coherent enough to figure out that my phone was ringing and then actually find the phone I had missed the call. I checked to see what number had called and it was listed as unknown. That made me nervous because that's how my Mom's phone number comes up. So I went back to bed but I left the phone right by my bed in case whoever it was tried to call back. Very shortly the phone rang again. It was Amanda. They were at the airport in New Zealand and apparently there was some kind of problem with Amanda's paperwork. I'm still not sure exactly what the problem was, I'll have to get the details tonight. She needed me to e-mail a copy of her US Citizenship certificate to some guy at Air New Zealand so that she could leave the country. Yikes!! So I turned on my computer, went up to the fireproof box, found the certificate, scanned it and then e-mailed it to Gary Hamilton at Air NZ. Very shortly I got a call from Amanda saying that he had received it and that it was enough to get her out of the country. Whew!!

What amazes me about this whole adventure is how amazing it is that I could simply scan a document and then send it to New Zealand and it arrived there within minutes. There was a time, back in the day, where Zeke, Amanda and the girls would have had to reschedule their flights until a copy could be mailed to them. What a blessing technology is!!

I also thought about what a blessing it is that Zeke and Amanda have a basement apartment and that I rent it. I'm sure Ben and Lyn are grateful too because they probably would have been the ones to get the call at 1:45 am to take care of the problem.


Bonnie the Boss said...

Dun, dun , dun, dunnnnnn. We see our hero Amy swoop in to save the day!
I am glad you are there too. Because we would have never heard the phone here at our house. As you know only too well.

Ben said...

way to go Amy! I wouldn't have heard the phone, but Lyn would have.
Lyn's hearing the tale from Amanda right now! Oh I fixed my key board.

Jodie T Photography said...

WOW!!! That is amazing. Technology is incredible. I am so glad you were there to help them out.