Tuesday, June 3

Twilight Tuesday

Ta-da!!! It's the cover of Breaking Dawn. Isn't it cool?!?!? Stephenie has said many times that she was very unhappy with the cover art of New Moon because it was a randomly chosen flower. She has said that she has had more say in the cover art of the other books. Because we know she had a hand in designing the Breaking Dawn cover here's the question of the hour..... who does the white queen represent? Who is the red pawn??? Hmmmmm.... I'm not sure I can wait until August to find out!! Of course I don't really have a choice but to wait but it would be nice to know now!!

As promised by MTV the first completed scene of Twilight was revealed during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show. Here it is-

Now that you've watched it here are my thoughts on it (because I know you're all dying to know)-
I think that this must be peiced together. We seem to be missing a bit- like Bella's leg being broken and James biting Bella. I know that he bites her in the movie, I've seen still photos of the bite, so when does that happen? I also know Bella ends up in the hospital in the movie and she's obviously not beaten up badly enough in this clip to need to be hospitalized, so I think we're missing parts here.
I am amazed at how much Robert Pattinson has become Edward. That moment where he looks at Bella- there is so much said in that brief second of eye contact. He somehow manages to convey sorrow, panic, love, anger, and hunger all at once. I'm amazed!!! This movie is going to be good!!

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Lynners said...

That is a beautiful cover! I cannot wait for it to come out! How's your house? Are you still swimming?