Saturday, July 5

A Festive Fourth

I love the Fourth of July. I love all the festivities involved in the day. We started the day at the Riverdale parade. Riverdale does a lot for their Old Glory Days which is perfect for us because everything is within walking distance. The Riverdale parade is a small parade with lots of candy, which is what the kids love. Once again I took way too many pictures so I've tried to weed it down to just a few-

After the parade we walked home and just hung around for the afternoon. I did get a nap in, which was an added bonus to the day. The afternoon was spent watching the kids play in the pool and visiting. Everyone gathered at our house for a bar-b-que and birthday party for Erin and Bonnie.

When it was starting to get dark we headed to Riverdale park for the fireworks show. Riverdale really puts on a great firework show. We had a little time to kill before the show actually started and of course I took pictures of the silliness.

What a fabulous day it was. I hope everyone had a great Independence Day!!!


Bonnie the Boss said...

Great pics. The one of Will and the otter pop cracks me up! You dun good aim!

Janelle said...

Amy, your photos are totally awesome (as usual!) If you ever decide to get out of the business of saving lives at the hospital, you could easily have a very successful career as a pro photographer. You really have a gift for capturing just the right moment in your pictures.

Lynners said...

You are good, I have no doubt, but of course my dial-up hates all the pics. So I will have to come visit you to see them. I need to bring you more to scan anyway.