Monday, July 14

Girl's Weekend Getaway

For Christmas last year my Aunt Kathy bought all the girls tickets to a performance of High School Musical at Tuacahn. When she gave us the tickets it seemed like a really long time until the show but suddenly the weekend was upon us.

After some last minute cancellations and additions our group consisted of Kathy, Bonnie, Katie, Amanda, Maggie, Rachel, Erin, Lyn, Ora and myself. We began the trek to St. George Saturday morning, finally arriving about 3:30. After a quick dip in the pool we headed to Cafe Rio for dinner. Then we headed out to Tuacahn. Just as we arrived we were hit by a monsoon type rain storm, the heavens just opened up. It was really cool to watch although it wasn't as much fun to run through. Luckily for us the play was not one of Tuacahn's outdoor shows. It was inside the high school for performing arts that is there. The play was really fun. I hadn't seen HSM so it was good to finally see what all the hoopla is about. The girls loved it! They had the opportunity to meet some of the cast afterwards and that was really exciting for them. After the show we stopped at Nielsen's for a frozen custard. There's nothing like a bumbleberry concrete- YUM!!!!

We got back to the hotel and we all crashed- it had been a long day. The next morning Kathy, Ora and Lyn headed north pretty early but the rest of us lounged around, played in the pool and hot tub and slowly got ready to go. We got packed up, stopped at Iceberg for lunch and headed home. We did stop at Grandma Moody's quickly on the way home to visit but we were all anxious to get home so we didn't stay long.

It was a fun little weekend getaway, one which will always be remembered! Thanks Kathy for the great idea and the tickets!! Here are a few pictures of our fun times-


Lynners said...

That was the best weekend! Thanks for all the fun! Cute pics. You’re so dang talented!

Gina said...

Okay, so I miss you like crazy!!! Can you come to my house and help me with my blog?? I'm terrible at it and yours is so dang cool!!! I need to get up with the 411 on blogging, I think maybe I won't be so foreign to people that I love and miss terribly!! Anyway, it looks like you girls had so much fun in St. George, wish I could have gone with you all. Talk to you soon Mamy!!

Love you,

Jodie T Photography said...

It looks like you had such a great time. My family used to go to the Shakespearean Festival every year - I really looked forward to it each year and I have very fond memories. What great memories you are making. What darling little girls are in your family.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Thanks Aim for posting that, I am just going to link over to you. I am too tired to do anything else.