Sunday, July 27

My New Crush

I watched Becoming Jane and Penelope this weekend. It's official... I'm in love with James McAvoy.
Mr. Lefroy
I had way too much fun looking for pictures for this post. *sigh* These two are just because~


jen said...

I too love him. There is something so real and loveable about him. (And pretty much anything Jane Austin gets me hook line and sinker - Colin Firth will always be a fav just because he was Mr Darcy.)

TJones said...

Tag your it! Oh and he is so freaking hot in Wanted! =)

Epperson Family said...

My girlfriends and I are new to Twilight Moms and live in Heber Utah and were wondering where the Moms were mtg. for the Breaking Dawn relaese party? We will go by oursevles, but wanted to hang out with other moms too. my email is and my name is Heather(wolfmom on TM) if you could give us some info it would be great.
thanks Heather
P.S. James is a good looking actor! I love those Baby blues!