Monday, July 21

Shori's Blessing

This weekend Mom, Dad and I made a quick trip to Denver for Shori's blessing. Mom is a morning person and is still on Italy time so we hit the road before dawn (5:45 am- yikes!!!). We arrived in Denver in early afternoon, checked into our hotel and headed over to Leif and Laura's.

We hung out for a while, went to dinner and then hung out some more. Of course the whole time we were passing around Miss Shori and ooohing and awwwing over her. She's a doll! She's starting to smile and coo. So cute!!! Here are some random pictures of the weekend-

On Sunday afternoon we went to church for the blessing. Shori was blessed in Laura's blessing dress. It was so special that she was able to be blessed in her mother's dress.

After the blessing we headed over to Lyn's house for lunch. Lyn is Laura's Mom. Her brothers and nephews were there too. It was really fun to visit with them. While we were there we took a bunch of family pictures.

After lunch Mom, Dad and the boys headed for Panguitch. Leif dropped me off at the airport and I flew home. It was so nice to be able to fly home instead of driving.

It was a fast trip but it was worth it to be able to finally meet Shori, see the family and be there for her blessing.


~tracy~ said...

Wow! She looks soooo much like Leif! Does she to you? Because from here it looks like Leif got himself pregnant and Laura had nothing to do with it.

Good pictures! They look happy.

Lynners said...

You are right on Tracie! I LOVE the dress and everyone looks so good in the family pics. I'm glad it all went so well!