Tuesday, July 29

Twilight Tuesday

3 Days!!!!!!! Can you believe it's almost here?!?!? Are you following the Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day? They are killing me!!!

Stephenie revealed the only spoiler she is comfortable with the public knowing before the Breaking Dawn release to Entertainment Weekly. If you want to read it go here.

Comic-Con was last week and Twilight was the biggest thing there! People were blown away by the fan turn out for this movie. There is way too much information for me to post it all... if you really want to get all that info I would suggest googling Twilight and Comic-Con and then prepare to be overwhelmed by all the information.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the Comic-Con coverage~

Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer sat down with Entertainment Weekly- check it out here. It's a great interview!!!

Entertainment Weekly also posted this picture of Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart- talk about girl power!!! I love this picture~

Entertainment Weekly has a FANTASTIC interview with the Queen Mother here. It's in 4 parts so it's about 10 minutes of bliss.

There is so much more... I couldn't possibly list it all. If you want to know more- make google your friend.

Ummm.... I just read today's quote of the day so my mind is a little fried and I can't think of anything more to post. I'm a bit distracted by the news that venom can't cure everything.... I'm also worrying about what needs to be cured that can't be cured...... how am I supposed to survive this book?!?!?!!!

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Bonnie the Boss said...

You crack me up!!!! I wish you were going to cedar from Panguitch. I won't be able to drive that far, that late at night.Bummer!