Tuesday, July 15

Twilight Tuesday

Oh my goodness!! What a Twilight filled day! Are you ready????

First I need to address the things that I'm sure have been keeping you all up at night.
1. I found a store having a midnight release party in Cedar City. Mountain West Bookstore is having a party and I'm on their list. Whew!
2. I found a great airfare to LA for the Breaking Dawn Concert. My friends Lisa and Amy and I are headed out Thursday the 7th and come back on the 9th. We figured if we were headed to LA we need to play a little bit while we're there.

3. I'm going to start re-reading the series in preparation for Breaking Dawn- anyone want to join me? (I know, I know- I'm a dork!!!)

I'm sure you're all breathing a little easier now so I'll move on to the meatier stuff-

The Queen Mother, Stephenie Meyer, is posting random quotes from Breaking Dawn on her website as a countdown to the release. I had great plans to post them here daily but that hasn't happened so I'll just link to her site and you can read them there-
Breaking Dawn Quotes of the Day

Barnes and Noble features Breaking Dawn on B&N Tagged

They also did a quiz on The Queen Mother-

MTV is having a Robert Pattinson Tuesday-
An interview and fan questions

Read the interview

Behind the scenes stuff-

Read more on this one
The funny thing about this clip is that I know the woman that he's talking about with the baby and his facts are not quite right. It took place in LA not Oregon, she gave her baby to Nikki Reed who is playing Rosalie and it was only after Nikki offered to take the baby to get pictures taken with Robert and Kristen. She's not some neglectful fan crazed mother like he makes her sound.

Entertainment Tonight broadcast the new Twilight Trailer tonight-

This isn't the best quality and I really wanted the guy to stop talking so I could just watch but it's worth watching- I promise!!! The high resolution trailer is supposed to be posted on Yahoo Movies on Thursday. I'm sure it will be making an appearance here at some point.

There is exclusive behind the scenes footage on the Penelope DVD. It also includes a new scene. Here it is- Enjoy!!!!

Whew!!! That was a tiring Twilight Tuesday! Did you all survive?!?!?!?


TJones said...

Thanks so much Amy! I love the new trailer, I just watched it 10 times in a row! LOL How do you put videos on your page. I am still trying to figure that one out.

Kimberly said...

Just stopping by to say Hi and WOW. I love your template or layout or whatever you call it. And the news all about you... and maybe just a little bit of Twilight stuff, too.