Tuesday, July 22

Twilight Tuesday

I want to like Rosalie. I really, really want to like her. I love Emmett and I don't think he would love her if she wasn't deserving of his love. I am hoping that she will have a big part in the Breaking Dawn plot and I will finally be able to see her redeeming qualities.

Why am I rambling about Rosalie? Well, this week's MTV Twilight Tuesday features Nikki Reed, who is playing Rosalie in the movie. You can read the article here. Watch the interview with her here-

Isn't that a great interview? I really liked it. I think she's gorgeous and will do a fantastic job playing Rosalie.
While we're on the topic of Rosalie/Nikki- look at this picture from the movie. Doesn't she look amazing??!?!?! Her topaz eyes look so cool!

There's a Twilight Quiz here. I scored a 14947. Go take it and then let me know how you did.

There's a great article in Newsweek about Mother's and Daughter's reading Twilight together. My friend Mary Ann is quoted extensively about she and her daughter Tara- Woo-hoo!!!

In case you are wondering- 10 MORE DAYS!!!!!

I may be posting sooner then next Tuesday... the entire cast of the movie and the Queen Mother will be at Comic Con this week, something may come up that I can't wait to post.


Anonymous said...

12849. Yeah, you beat me. Thanks for spreading the love every tuesday! I might have to take it again. Jen

Rae said...

Wow...I only got 13997...sigh....I guess I am less obsessed. Lol!

And I have a hard time actually liking Rosalie. Though I understand her reasons for her actions, I just can't like her all that much. Which is sad since I adore Emmett.

Tinabean said...

I'm visiting you through Bonnie.
I love your Twilight Tues.

Thanks for sharing I'm off to take the quiz.

Lynners said...

She is soooo beautiful! They did a good job casting her look. I hope she lives up to it.