Saturday, August 23


Do you have someone in your life that you know was placed in your life at that exact moment you needed them most, even if you didn't realize you needed them? A person who, from the moment you meet, just gets you?

I have a friend like that. We met in March of this year and I feel like I've known her forever.
I spent today with her and her family at their annual girl party. I wore a shell lei and a flower in my hair, drank lava flows (yummy!), ate shrimp kabobs and just enjoyed myself thoroughly. As I was driving home I reflected on how blessed I am to know her and have the opportunity to call her friend. It was a good moment for me. I've been so wrapped up in the stress of my car and school starting again that I've forgotten to be thankful for all the blessings I am given on a daily basis.
Here are pictures of our yummy drinks and of my Hawaiian name tag, simply because all blog posts should have pictures :)


Lynners said...

What a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly said...

What a fabulous tribute to friendship and fun. You made me cry :)