Wednesday, August 13

Family Reunion

Amid all the car drama, Breaking Dawn and my trip to LA we had a family reunion. Everyone descended upon Mom and Dad's in Panguitch and the chaos began. It was craziness as usual but we wouldn't have it any other way. Here are some snapshots from the weekend-


Bonnie the Boss said...

How did youget that picture from your dad and what is Mark telling your mom? Great Pics!! Thanks for sharing! I love the one of your mom and Catherine, Piper, and... all of them.

~tracy~ said...

Oh wow, those are so awesome! You do such a good job. I have to say my daughter is pretty much a superstar, haha.

And I think my favorite is of Howie with his stinkeye. Although they are all cute.

Carrie said...

Working? I wish. I'm going through the frustrating process of looking. I'm realizing more and more that I have a useless degree, a $35,000 useless degree. And is it me or does Utah suck a bit of life out of you? I love the mountains but there's something about this place that is bit depressing. But I'm living in Kaysville which is basically your back yard so as soon as I finish Breaking Dawn (I know I should be finished by now but I have been a bit busy these days) let's get together and do something fun!

Anonymous said...

Amy, great pictures...can you slow them down a little?? or can I?