Sunday, August 24


So I'm sitting in chuch this morning singing the opening hymn, which was #34, and when I sang this phrase "Tho thou wert forced to fly to thy chambers on high" I had to stop signing. Wert? Is that even a word??? I giggled to myself through the rest of the song and decided to google the meaning of wert as soon as I got home. I had pretty much figured it out due the context it was used in but I still wanted an official definition, so here you go-
wert- (wûrt) A second person singular past indicative and past subjunctive of be.
I feel better now.

(Yes, I am fully aware of my dorkiness!)


Lynners said...

Giggle! That's a great word. Here's hoping it makes a comeback.

Jodie T Photography said...

That is hilarious!! I bet you couldn't wait to get home and google that!