Friday, August 1

Tonight's the night!

I know it's not Tuesday but I can not help myself. I must blog about Twilight today. I know none of you are shocked by my inability to not mention it today. In case you've missed the countdown at the bottom of my blog or all the news coverage- a certain book that I've been anticipating for a while is coming out at 12:01 am tonight!!!! I am so excited about having this book in my hot little hands. I'm not sure I was this excited about Harry Potter (blasphemy, I know)

I've been trying to act normal (as normal as possible for me) but this is how I've been feeling all day-

I'm headed out of town shortly- I won't be back online until I'm done with the book. I can't risk running across any spoilers. I bet you can already guess what the topic of my next Twilight Tuesday will be. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Reading to all you other Twilight Lovers!!! I hope we all survive the journey!!


Rae said...

Did you finish yet!!! Without the forums I don't have anyone to talk to!!! AAAHAHHAH

Lynners said...

I'm sorry your evening ended up so eventful! I hope it was worth it. I can't to borrow this book from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita said...


I have been thinking of you today and the book - I havent gotten my copy yet. My sister called early Sat morning from the Sams Club in Logan and offered to buy 2 books for me. (I said ok - because it would save me the trip)
So I dont get my copy until tomorrow morning. Which is good I guess. Now I can read the entire book on my LONG flight. It will be fun to chat when I get back.

Au Revoir (Janelle taught me that today :) )