Saturday, September 20

Forks- Day Four

Sadly all good things must come to an end. Sunday was the day that we all had to return to real life. Due to different flight times our groups left in shifts, which meant a new set of good-byes every hour or so. It was so hard to do!

Our little group of four headed out about 10:00 am. We wanted to get breakfast and hit a few sites in Forks that we had missed the day before. We had breakfast at the Forks Coffee Shop.

Rachelle, Rae, and Meg. Rachelle and Rae are signing something but I don't remember what or why.

Rae and her hot chocolate (or was it Meg's? I don't remember)My GINORMOUS Pancake! It was yummy! I couldn't eat it all by myself though. Meg helped :)

Rae got a little comfy with the locals! If there's a grizzly around does that mean Emmett will be nearby?? One can only hope!

Have I ever happened to mention that I love Carlisle? He comes a very close second to Edward in my heart. So of course we had to visit the Forks Community Hospital.

Unfortunately Dr. Cullen was not on shift :( It was a sunny day so he probably called in sick since he couldn't have gotten from his car to the hospital without being noticed.

After a scenic but unsuccessful attempt to find the Swan home (did you know you could get lost in Forks? If only we'd had a map) we headed towards Seattle. We made one last stop at the Forks sign for pictures (Go! Stop!) and then got on our way.

I didn't realize how much we had missed driving from Port Angeles to Forks in the dark. What a gorgeous drive! It was stunning! What an amazing area of the country! It's someplace I definitely want to visit again.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We ran into quite a few people from our group and from other groups all waiting to board planes. We sat around in the food court area and laughed some more- the group changing as peoples flights left and others arrived to wait for their flights. It was a great way to end the trip.

It was finally time for Meg, Amy and I to leave. We said our goodbyes (again!) and went to our plane. I think I was asleep before the stewardess even started her spiel.

What an amazing weekend~ what an amazing group of women. I am so blessed.


Inspired Kathy said...

Wish we could go back! Love your day by day descriptions!

Newby's in AK said...

holy cow girl!
your blog rocks! you did such an awesome job with forks!
i love it!
i miss you!
we are going to have to play again when I'm in utah!
miss u girl!

Lynners said...

Loved it. Thanks so much.

Rae said...

We were saying "Not Right" repeatedly....I am not sure why though....Lol!

I am just now getting to read your blog!!! You have some great pics. :)

Britten said...

I'm jealous that you got pancakes at the coffee shop. I was looking forward to those pancakes.

I'm glad you got pics of all the cool signs. I totally forgot to do that. Too much fun stuff. I miss it terribly.