Thursday, September 18

Forks- Day Two

Day Two~
One of the first things I did when I got up was check out the cabin and it's surroundings. The cabins we rented were called A Cozy River House and they were very accurate in their description. This was the view from the front porch~ And this is the view from the back deck~Life's real rough, isn't it??? I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was!! It fit right into my vision of where the Cullen's house would be. I loved it!!!

We started off our day with a stop at the Forks sign. I don't remember why we didn't get a group picture at that moment but we never made it back for a group shot :(

Then we stopped at the Forks Coffee Shop to pick up our sack lunches and decorate our cars.

We then headed out for a hike in the Hoh (pronounced hoe) Rainforest. Here are a few of the MANY pictures I took on the hike. I was in awe of the rainforest. It was so beautiful and green! Once again it was exactly as Stephenie describes it. I was amazed. My only complaint was that it was sunny! Is that silly or what? Most people want it to be sunny while hiking. I'm a weirdo, I know.

Our next stop was First Beach. First Beach surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around First Beach. I think that it was my favorite Twilight sight that we went to. I truly can believe that mythical creatures exist there. The first moment I saw First Beach was magical- we were in the car listening to a Muse song (I can't remember which one) and we came around the corner and it there it was, everyone in the car gasped. It's a memory I will have with me forever.

After First Beach we headed into Fork for a little shopping. We wanted to get a good shot at the sweatshirts before the crowds bought them all on Saturday. We went to the Thriftway and the Outfitters (which are actually one store) and I bought a "What happens in Forks, stays in Forks" sweatshirt and a Team Edward T-shirt.

During the 10 month planning of this trip we came up with the brilliant ideas of exchanging scrapbooks and gifts plus making ya-ya-esque headdresses. Friday evening was designated for pizza and hanging out in our headdresses, handing out our gifts and pages and doing a little karaoke.

I was amazed by the creativity of the women in our group. I got Twilight themed pens, drool buckets, a Forks bracelet, a toe-ring, a Christmas tree ornament- the list goes on and on. The scrapbook pages are treasures that I will cherish always! Here are a few shots of the craziness-

To be continued...


Bonnie the Boss said...

Looks like my kind of place. So beautiful!!!!!! The beach is pefect. You did a great job on the pictures.

Nicole said...

I'm lovin your Forks Trip blogs!! Keep them coming!

StephDC said...

wow your pictures of the forest were amazing!! I wish I could have joined TM's in time to be able to go on this trip. looks you all had a blast!

Lynners said...

What fun! It's one giant junior high-ish sleepover! Did you paint toenails and do make-up and stuff?