Sunday, September 28

Mamma Mia!

I finally saw Mamma Mia! yesterday. I've been meaning to see it for weeks but I just haven't gotten there. Mom was in town and discovered I hadn't seen it so we went to the matinee yesterday. We were the only ones in the theater except for a creepy guy that was only there for a little bit of the show. It was a fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

I loved it!!! What a fun movie!! Loved the cast, the music and the scenery- I'm ready for a trip to Greece!


Inspired Kathy said...

My husband took me to see it for our anniversary not realizing it was a musical. We enjoyed it but I think it is definately a chick flick!

Newby's in AK said...

I really liked this movie... the only "eeeewwww" part was Pierce B..... IM sorry.... his singing... was slightly GAG ME!

but otherwise it rocked!
miss u girl!
whatcha been doing!