Tuesday, September 2

Twilight Tuesday

The Queen Mother, Stephenie, has posted her Breaking Dawn FAQ's on her site. She gives us some great info- back story on characters, her reaction to all the Breaking Dawn hoopla, her answer to the whole anti-feminism issue- check it all out here.

The last month in the Twilight world has been a rough one. The release of Breaking Dawn brought some out really strong emotions in people. There are those of us that loved it and there are those that hated it. Unfortunately some of those people who hated it have made it their personal mission to bring Stephenie down. The attacks on her personal character are unjustified and uncalled for.

In addition to the Breaking Dawn drama the first twelve chapters of Midnight Sun were leaked on the internet. Because Stephenie cares so much for her fans she has posted the twelve chapters on her site so that they don't have to get them through illegal means. You can read her statement regarding the whole issue here. You can also find the twelve chapters there. I have chosen not to read them because Stephenie has said this is not the way she wanted Midnight Sun to be experienced. I will wait until, hopefully one day, it is published.

Because of all the negativity surrounding Stephenie her fandom has decided to unite in her honor. There are several projects in the works to help show her support. If you are interested you can find the details here.

I am a Stephenie Meyer fan. I know this is not news to any of you. I love her books. It is because of her that I have met some amazing women whose friendship I cherish. I have the opportunity to help run a website that is a fansite dedicated to her. I got to have breakfast with her earlier this year, which was one of the highlights of my year. She is funny, brilliant, gracious and an all around nice person. So it is with pride that I place this Stephenie Meyer banner here on my blog. She is an inspiration to me and to millions of other women all over the world. I hope and pray she can move past these attacks and continue to write and inspire.

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Christy said...

Hi AmyO it's TopazLove. I love your blog and especially this post. You said everything that I feel about Stephanie too. I as well have not read the chapters and have no intention on doing so. I'm still hoping and praying that one day she'll finish the book and release it.