Tuesday, October 21

Twilight Tuesday

One month until the movie!!! Can you believe it?!?!

There is so much going on in the Twilight world right now. There are tons of movie stills being released- these are my favorites right now~

I love, love, love Carlisle and Esme!!! Have I mentioned that I love Peter Facinelli as Carlisle?!!??! This is the first good shot of Esme we've seen. I like it a lot!
It's funny, Rosalie is my least favorite vampire but I love Nikki Reed. I can't wait to see her bring Rosalie to life.

The boys of Twilight did a photo shoot for VMan magazine. I've never heard of that magazine but I certainly have enjoyed the pictures~

This isn't all of them- check them all out here.
Stay tuned for more exciting Twilight news. With all the promotion stuff coming out in the next few weeks there's bound to be some good stuff!


Amie and Karl said...

Love the pictures and I am so very excited I can hardly wait

Lynners said...

I'm getting REALLY excited. Are you going to a midnight showing somewhere? I'd be really surprised if YOU weren't at the very first show.