Saturday, October 25

Witches' Night Out

Misty, Brooke, Ashlee and Selle

My friends and I went to Witches' Night Out last night at Gardner Village. I don't think any of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. It was insane!! I couldn't believe how into it people got. There were thousands of people dressed in costume- they went all out! It was so cool! I definitely want to go back next year in costume.

We didn't make it into many of the stores but we did make a stop at the spa where they were doing really cheap mani's and pedi's. I ran into the ever fabulous Carrie, who I used to work with at Primary's, which was an added bonus to the evening.
Brooke, Genell and Ashlee getting their nails done. I got mine done- they are this cool dark purple that looks black unless it's under bright light then you can tell they are purple. I love it!

Selle and Misty waiting for their pedicures.
Genell and Selle getting their pedicures
We didn't manage to get any food at Gardner Village so we ended up at IHOP in Orem where we were joined by Lisa and Meg. I didn't manage to get any pictures of Meg but I know that Misty did so I'll have to get them from her and add them later.
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Carrie said...

It was my first time too...serious craziness! I'm going to spend the next year planning my costume. I was excited to see you there! And you HAVE to go back for some of the magnificent baked goods at little bake shop--decadent!

Inspired Kathy said...

How fun! I'm jealous, wish I was with ya all.

Britten said...

I am so jealous of ya'll right now. Witches Night Out with fabulous TMs - be still my heart!

Selle said...

Oh Amy. You and your evil camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!