Saturday, November 1

Halloween Festivities

I love Halloween. I think part of it is because of the time of year. I love fall- the weather, the colors, the smell in the air, and the festivities. I love seeing the kids dress up and just be silly. It's such a great time to be able to be creative and be whatever you want to be.

Last night we started off at Mark and Kathy's church building for a Trunk-or-Treat. How cute are these kids?
Amanda and Andy got into the spirit this year- meet the Milk Dud-
And her hubby the redneck~
Then we moved home for trick-or-treating, dinner and visiting.

We had cute helpers handing out candy~
Here are a few random shots of our evening~


Britten said...

Mmmm....yes, Halloween and fall basically rock. My favorite time of year too!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Great Pics, thanks Amy.

Lynners said...

All right, I'm gonna have to link to this post too! I swear you provide half the pics for my blog! I'm so glad you like to run around with a camera and get the best shots of everyone! Great work as usual!

~tracy~ said...

i love halloween too, i think it might be in my top 2 favorite holidays! just the weather and everything, i love fall. i always think fall is my favorite, until spring comes, lol. but i love halloween, i was so glad one of my kids had a birthday close to it!