Sunday, November 9

The Hunger Games

After staying up way too late on Thursday night reading this book you would think that I would have been too tired to do any reading Friday night. I thought I would just read a chapter or two and then go to sleep but I should have known better. I finished it late Friday night. It's a good thing I was able to sleep in on Saturday!

The Hunger Games is fantastic! It grabs you from the first chapter and takes you on quite a ride! The premise of the book is actually very disturbing because the participants in The Hunger Games are literally fighting for their lives as an entire country watches for entertainment. It was fascinating to see how the main character deals with everything that is thrown at her.

I didn't realize this was the first of a trilogy when I picked it up. I swore I wasn't going to start another unfinished series simply because the wait makes me crazy but now I'm back to the waiting game. Catching Fire is scheduled to be out in September of 2009. I know I'll be buying that the day it is released and if it's anywhere near as riveting as The Hunger Games I'll plan on not sleeping for a few days.


Bonnie the Boss said...

I took an ambier=n so I only read a few pages before the words started to dance around and I knew it was time to go to sleep. Thanks for the book.

disneyfanclan said...

Gah! What do we do? Great book, hated the ending-and now having to wait, wait, wait.... Wait, I have an ingenious idea! Lets start a web page for adult women who loved this book. We can call it HungryMoms. We can become obsessed with it, be online 24-7 chatting about the book, the characters, the "hidden" meanings.... hmmmm, naaw... it will never take. WHO would do something THAT crazy?


Alexandrite Celestea said...

First time someone described the setting as "disturbing." Finally! I was thinking the same thing, but no one seemed to ever say that.

~Alexandrite Celestea