Wednesday, November 5

Thank goodness it's over!

Ok, now that I've gotten the Twilight gushing out of the way I will try and be serious about what happened in our country yesterday.

I am so glad that election if finally over! I was so done! I think that candidates should not be able to start campaigning until 6 months before an election. That is ample time to campaign without it dragging on forever.
I was not surprised by the outcome of the presidential election. Did I vote for our new president? I did not. It was after a lot of thought and deliberation that I made the choice that I did. Sadly, I felt that I was choosing between two evils. I'm saddened by the fact that we did not have one candidate that stood out as exactly what I would like my president to be.
Even though I didn't vote for him I was brought to tears by his speech last night. This is a defining moment in American history and I am so glad that I witnessed it. I am thrilled that we have finally reached a place where an African American can hold the office of President.
I found this on another blog and just had to post it here because it really sums up how I feel about the whole issue. (bolding is mine)
Barack Obama was not my choice, but he is my president. That is true of all Americans. For the last eight years, there has been an ongoing campaign of destruction meant to handicap and hobble the last president. I refuse to be part of an effort to do the same to the next president. Those who didn't vote for Barack Obama must set a higher standard of civility and citizenship than those who didn't vote for George W. Bush. In defeat, there must still be nobility.
The last eight years have taught us what happens when you set out to destroy a presidency for political gain. You help your candidate, but you hurt your country. That pattern must not be followed with this new president. America must treat Barack Obama better than he treated George W. Bush.
Today is a new day, and a fresh start. And the president-elect gets the benefit of the doubt.


cw said...

Well said. I feel exactly the same as you. I did not have a canidate I felt I could vote for. I did vote, but there just was not any one I really wanted. I too will support the next President. The message you shared from another blog was well stated as well. I just want to whine for a few days OK? cw

~tracy~ said...

hey, i was just going to ask you if you enjoyed his speech. because i so did as well. i have talked to a few people today who did not vote for him either, but were so impressed by his speech.
nick was even getting teary eyed...

i thought his speech was excellent.

Britten said...

I completly agree wit that statement you quoted.

Georgia said...

His speech was fantastic, I cried.